CARTEL Fantom - Riser - 25 inch

CARTEL Fantom - Riser - 25 inch
CARTEL Phantom - Riser - 25 inches

CARTEK Phantom Riser for recurve bows, fine lacquered surfaces, a slimmer design, but above all good qualities at a very attractive price. It is made of machined aluminum and is also thanks to rubberized grip well in the hand. Phantom stands for a consistently high, smooth performance.

It is equipped with the International Limb Fitting System (ILF), in which the limbs are entered in the riser. Fits most plug limbs.

Available in right or left hand model.

Technical Specifications:
Weight: 1200g
Length: 25 inches
Clicker jack: M4
Button jack / Stabilizer: 5/16

Color: black, blue, red or silver

Right or left hand:

It is always drawing hand that matters. If you hold the bow in your left hand and pull with right (like a normal right-handed), then you need a right hand bow, otherwise it is reversed (usually at left-handers).

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