SPIGARELLI Revolution Barebow - Riser

SPIGARELLI Revolution Barebow - Riser
SPIGARELLI Revolution Barebow - Riser

A stock that stands out above all for its extraordinary design.
Its three-layer construction of aluminum components ensures a perfect blend of cushioning and performance. The two outer parts are screwed with screws to the middle cushioning member. Hence this riser vibration dampening features already in riser.

ILF (International Limb Fitting) mounts for limbs and even limb adjustment possibilities on this stock.

From the factory equipped with a grip made of natural wood, a clicker and a magnetic arrow rest, Spigarelli Z/T.

Available as right and left model.

Height: 25 inches
Weight: 1.39 kg
Material: Aluminum with wooden handle


Delivery includes:
- Revolution riser
- Clickers
- Spigarelli Z/T arrow rest

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