WIN&WIN Wiawis Nano Max - Riser

WIN&WIN Wiawis Nano Max - Riser
WIN&WIN Wiawis Nano Max

Wiawis Nano Max Grip based on Win & Win Carbon technology absorbs shocks perfectly, minimizing unimportant movements for a more accurate shot. W & W moved 30% more weight to the front of the grip to reduce unnecessary movements and vibrations transmitted during discharge of shot remarkable.

Wiawis Nano Max, the world's first stock of custom nano carbon fiber technology!

Technical Specifications:
Length: 25 or 27 inches
Weight: 25 inches - 1320g
Weight: 27 inch - 1370g (only as right)

Right or left hand:

It is always moves the hand that äravgörande. If you hold the bow in your left hand and pull with right (like a normal right-handed), then you need a right hand bow, otherwise it is reversed (usually at left-handers).

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